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Good morning,

The below was sent in an email to support, posting here in case the community has the same question; I'll update the post with an answer once received.

My company is looking to use this software to markup our manufacturing planning. This will be done by at least three different departments: Engineering, QA, & Assembly.

This will be done numerous times daily, and countless times weekly/monthly.

On a single plan I'm able to create layers for each of the aforementioned departments, these layers will be exactly the same for each plan that's marked up in view companion.

Is it possible to have these setup as 'default layers' so that when a new plan is brought in to markup, the layers already exist; instead of having to manually create the layers each time?

I ask because it's entirely possible for us to have to markup at least 10 different plans daily, and manual layer creation each time would be a major hindrance to our process.

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Thank you for contacting us.
This may be achieved by using a default markup file.
A default markup file can be setup under Markup->Settings->File and will be loaded for all files (if it doesn’t have a markup file already).
This file can contain both layer settings and markup elements.

To create a default markup file with 10 levels do the following:

1.First open a document without any markup files.
2.Then define all the layers you need, for this test I’ve just defined 10 layers:


3.Then create a new markup file using “Save As” from the pull down menu (below Save):


If different users need to access this markup file, it must be stored on a shared network drive.

4.Save the file and then open Markup->Settings->File and then select the file you created as a default file:

The predefined layers will now be listed for all files you open.

As mentioned above the default markup file will not be loaded if the opened file already have markup data (vcm).

I hope this helps!

PS: This response was also sent by e-mail. If you didn't receive it, please check spam folder.



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regaurding layers is there a way to switch what sections of the drawing is connected to each drawing. For example if I needed part of layer 3 to be on layer 2 am I able to do that?
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