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We're currently using Version 6.41.

Is there a way to edit the file names in a GBW file and still keep the same settings for that layer?
For example we have the following list of files in our GBW Workspace:

The "-100" is a version number for the file.  Our next version may be "-101" or "-105". 
We also keep different versions in different directories (folders).

When we generate new files for the PCB, we have to re-generate the Workspace from scratch.  That's error-prone and a pain.
I'd like to be able to use the existing GBW and do the following:
1.  Do a File Save As on the GBW and save it to the new directory.
2.  Double-Click on the individual files and select the new file namd (in the new directory).  (The program would keep all the other settings for the layer.)
3.  Do a File Save As on the workspace.

Is there a way to do something like this?

Or can I just copy the GBW file a do a hex edit on the paths and file names?


Dave Groen


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In the upcoming release (7.30, this week) GerbView will ask user to select a new file name if a layer is not found during project loading (using file open dialog).

If you don't want to update to 7.30 you will have to hex edit the gbw files, sorry.

Best regards,

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