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I am trying to convert some old gerber files in RS-274D file format where the apertures are defined in an external readme file.

It looks like this:

#  Apt  X dimen  Y dimen  Corner Shape     Use
#  ---  -------  -------  ------ --------- -----
   D10  0.002i x 0.002i x 0.002i ROUND     DRAW   # 2-mil round
   D11  0.004i x 0.004i x 0.004i ROUND     DRAW   # 4-mil round
   D12  0.006i x 0.006i x 0.006i ROUND     DRAW   # 6-mil round
   D13  0.008i x 0.008i x 0.008i ROUND     DRAW   # 8-mil round
   D14  0.012i x 0.012i x 0.012i ROUND     DRAW   # 12-mil round
   D15  0.025i x 0.025i x 0.025i ROUND     DRAW   # 25-mil round
   D16  0.100i x 0.100i x 0.100i ROUND     DRAW   # 100-mil round
   D17  0.040i x 0.040i x 0.040i ROUND     FLASH  # 40-mil round
   D18  0.046i x 0.046i x 0.046i ROUND     FLASH  # 46-mil round
   D19  0.070i x 0.070i x 0.070i ROUND     FLASH  # 70-mil round
   D20  0.076i x 0.076i x 0.076i ROUND     FLASH  # 76-mil round
   D21  0.090i x 0.090i x 0.090i ROUND     FLASH  # 90-mil round
   D22  0.026i x 0.074i x 0.026i OVAL      FLASH  # 26-by-74-mil oval
   D23  0.032i x 0.080i x 0.032i OVAL      FLASH  # 32-by-80-mil oval
   D24  0.150i x 0.154i x 0.150i OVAL      FLASH  # 150-by-154-mil oval
   D25  0.156i x 0.160i x 0.156i OVAL      FLASH  # 156-by-160-mil oval
   D26  0.170i x 0.174i x 0.170i OVAL      FLASH  # 170-by-174-mil oval
   D27  0.026i x 0.074i x 0.012i RECTANGLE FLASH  # 26-by-74-mil rectangle
   D28  0.032i x 0.080i x 0.018i RECTANGLE FLASH  # 32-by-80-mil rectangle
   D29  0.042i x 0.070i x 0.012i RECTANGLE FLASH  # 42-by-70-mil rectangle
   D30  0.048i x 0.076i x 0.018i RECTANGLE FLASH  # 48-by-76-mil rectangle
   D31  0.070i x 0.054i x 0.012i RECTANGLE FLASH  # 70-by-54-mil rectangle
   D32  0.076i x 0.060i x 0.018i RECTANGLE FLASH  # 76-by-60-mil rectangle

How can I convert these values in to GerbView's Table apertures?
You have some other variables in this list...etc...

Best Regards


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We've added support for this aperture format to GerbView version 7.57.
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