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I'm trying to use the sample c# tool to generate a color PDF output file.  I've set the MonochromeMode to false, and tried a number of different bits per pixel values (8,24,32), but the output is always mono.

Viewing the same CGM using ViewCompanion shows a color image.

Here's my version of the code. what do I need to do to get a color image?  I'm using the eval version, do I need to purchase before I can generate color?

scConverterLib.Converter myconverter = new scConverterLib.Converter();
if (myconverter != null)
    myconverter.PDFLargeFormat = 1;
    myconverter.PDFWriteFormat = 0;
    myconverter.PDFLayers = 1;
    myconverter.MonochromeMode = false;
    myconverter.TIFFSingleStrip = 1;
    myconverter.Convert(args[0], //Input file name
        args[1], //Output file name
        args[2], //Format, e.g.: TIFF, PDF, CALS
        1.0, //Scale
        24, //Bits per pixel - used only for raster output formats
        200); //Resolution (dots per inch) - used only for raster output formats


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