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I'm having trouble importing the drill file for an Allegro project.  Gerber layers import OK.  When I try to import the drill file I get:

> Unknown format, file is not added to project: K06841-001_revA-1-6.drl

I believe my Excellon settings are correct for this file:
Units Imperial
Coordinates Absolute
Integer Digits 2
Decimal Digits 5
Zero Suppression None
other settings are default

Drill file attached

Any ideas what is wrong?

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txt K06841-001_revA-1-6.drl.txt (8.85 KB, 3 views)


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Thank you for contacting us.
The file is not a proper Excellon file as it lacks commands for tool change and other important information.
There is some information online which describes what's wrong the default Allegro drill files:

Without the tool select command GerbView will currently not be able to process the file.

But we're looking into if we can add support for the "default" Allegro format.
Since there is no tool change command we must assume that each time there is a "M00" command the next tool in the list should be selected.

Best regards,

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Thanks for the feedback.  I googled around a bit and found that Allegro is capable of creating a drill file with the correct header and tool selection information.  With "Auto tool select" checked in the NC Drill dialog and "Enhanced Excellon format" checked in the NC parameters dialog I can get a properly formed file.

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txt K06841-001_revA-1-6 remake.drl.txt (8.96 KB, 2 views)

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