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How do I GERBVIEW load a JPG image into a layer then export that image to a GERBER file?

I can not find any explicit intructions to accomplish this one simple task,


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I was told that GERBVIEW can not translate JPG or any raster graphic to be X Y co-ordinates and that the
ability to DISPLAY a layer does NOT mean it can SAVE AS a GERBER file.
the advertising says GERBVIEW can translate PDF to GERBER... but
PDF files can contain any kind of graphic so the same rules apply which means the PDF must be made of
VECTOR graphics files that are in DXF, DWF or HPGL ... PLT  ?      format.

Can anyone recommend a free paint program that can draw a simple image and save as DXF, DWF or HPGL???????
That can be read by GERBVIEW and saved as GERBER?
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