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I am running View Companion Standard on 2 different computers, 1 on 32 bit and the other on 64 bit.  Within the past month, the 64 bit machine, when converting an HPGL2 file to PDF, has very poor resolution.  *.pdf file ends up as less than 100 kB.  Before, they were 10 times this.  The 32 bit machine can take the same file and it will be 10 times greater size; i.e., 1000 kB.  In looking at the settings between the 2 computers on View Companion, I can find no difference.  Is there some setting where I can improve the resolution of the output pdf file on the 64 bit computer to at least equal the resolution of the HPGL2 file?

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Sounds like the 64-bit is creating raster PDF's and the other vector PDF?
Do both computers use the same version of ViewCompanion?

We could like to investigate further, but we would need a converted PDF file from both 32 and 64 bit computer, preferably the same hpgl file.

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