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I'm doing converting of a set of CGM files into PNG via command line. For most files this works fine, but for some of them there are strange black sections that overlay and obscure the image.

I thought this may have been happening during the conversion, or because I was missing some command line parameter, but when I open the CGM image in ViewCompanion (standard) I see that the black areas are there, so it relates to how VC interprets the CGM.

I can't attach the CGM files due to ownership constraints, but I can post a screenshot of part of them, so I'll go through an example:

In this image, when I opened it in VC it had black areas in it. This can be seen in the following image:


I noticed the image had 6 layers, and when I disabled the second layer it removed a large part of the blackness (though it looks like the image is now missing actual information from that layer, as the arrow has a weird line at its tip and is pointing to nothing in particular):

For that last bit of black that remained, that however was not in its own layer. It was part of the first layer that, if disabled, removed a large portion of the actual image's content.

I don't know if there are things like image standards or image format implementations, but if there are some for CGM then these images likely use old/out-dated ones, as the source they come from is usually behind when it comes to tech.

Is there a some setting or parameter that could let VC handle these particular CGM files properly? Or if not, an external pre-processing step I could perform to help VC interpret them correctly?


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A fix for this error has been sent to the customer.
The next update, version 11.10, will include the fix.

Version 11.10 will be released 1.6.2018.

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