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When exporting a layer that has filled polygons the number of fill lines becomes problematic in destination mechanical CAD systems.  Is there a way to change filled polygons so the fill lines are suppressed?

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Could you please send us a sample file?

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Files attached:  original .pho file loaded into Gerbview
Gerbview_capture.jpg  screencap of as-viewed.  Polygon areas are filled. (DXF) as-exported from Gerbview
Capture.jpg  vector-only DXF in ME CAD system
My interest in this is as follows:
When a board design is completed I import the top and bottom layers into vector CAD (my 3D system) via DXF.  That helps me confirm hole locations, edge details, component locations, and most particularly - edges of large ground or shield areas that interface to my metal housings. 
When I import via the above process, the large number of 'filler' lines in the polygon area make the DXF much larger and very awkward to select only the perimeter lines.
In a similar manner I do not export the circles that are on the end of traces because they get distracting from the rest of the circles needed and make the file larger.  A similar 'switch' to 'not fill' polygon areas would be fantastic.

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